Community Associations

AvenueOne provides a complete selection of services for community associations, which will determine the level and type of services that best meet the needs of your association. We can provide you with many levels of management - from full management service to accounting only service. Your association will obtain the help it needs at a cost you can afford.

Our HOA property manager has earned the CMCA designation required by Illinois law.

  • Collection of monthly assessments
  • Monthly delinquency follow-up
  • Bill approval and payment
  • Full service lawn care and snow removal
  • Management of Association's on site personnel (where applicable)
  • Coordination of mailing to homeowners
  • Acquisition of bids for repairs and services
  • Budgeting for necessary reserve capital
  • Enforcement of HOA by laws
  • Inspections of outside contractor performance
  • Attendance at Board meetings and annual meetings
  • Periodic grounds inspections
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Computerized monthly accounting
  • Association newsletter on website


Multi-family Dwelling

Show/Rent Your Property
Our team will work fast and efficiently to maximize your property's revenue capabilities while minimizing vacancy loss.

Tenant Screening
A bad tenant can physically damage your real estate, cause huge financial losses in missed rental payments and court fees and make your life extremely difficult for many months. Our tenant screening process includes credit check, national criminal background check, employment and income verification – all at NO additional cost to you.

Rent Collection Services

Rents are due to our office by the 1st of the month and are late by the 5th. Late notices are sent on the 6th and if immediate payment arrangements are not made, collection/eviction actions are immediately initiated.

Move-In/Move-Out Inspections

Our team is trained to conduct Move-In and Move-Out Inspections to assess the current physical condition of the apartment at move-in and the extent of damage beyond normal wear and tear caused by a tenant upon move-out. These inspection reports are essential for determining and documenting any deposit deductions and calculations of amount owed for tenant-related property damages when a tenant vacates your property.

Quarterly Inspections
We will perform quarterly inspections of all units to ensure your tenants are taking care of your properties and that any potential defects are not overlooked.

Record Keeping
We will collect rents, distribute rent receipts, provide rent collection reports and file, record, and post all additional revenues/expenses to your property's ledger. Our organized documentation of all property transactions provide perfect year end summary statements and are ideal come tax season. These records also help highlight patterns that make annual budgets easier to generate.

Maintenance Requests

Tenants will submit written requests for maintenance using the online portal. Our crew can handle leaky faucets, burned-out lights in a hallway, pest control, landscaping, construction services and everything else in between.

Rental Application

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